Trustworthy Financial Professional

Potential to Become an Income Specialist, or Partner with SIS to Sub-Manage

You are a trustworthy financial professional who enjoys the flexibility and earning potential that being a financial advisor provides. In meetings with prospects and clients, you take the time to listen to their needs before recommending specific investments.

You might feel that equities should play an important part of a client’s long-term financial plan, but always proceed with caution when recommending them for clients who are already retired or near retirement age.

Although you feel that fixed-income securities, like bonds, are an essential component of your clients’ portfolios, you might invest client money into bond mutual funds or ETFs out of convenience. Be careful here though, because investing in bond mutual funds and ETFs carry costs and risks that can be significantly reduced, and even eliminated, by investing in a properly managed portfolio of individual fixed-income securities.

You believe in the value of research, as long as it doesn’t take too much of your time. And, when it comes to clients who are retired or close to retirement, you believe in taking a more conservative approach so that you can help your clients preserve their savings. You also believe that it’s best to provide these clients with a more predictable outlook for retirement.

Your trustworthy nature, understanding of the importance of fixed-income investments, and willingness to do things the right way for your clients makes you an ideal candidate to form a strategic partnership with Sound Income Strategies. We currently have two types of partnerships available:

  1. Become an Income Specialist, affiliated with Sound Income Strategies, so that you can handle the fixed-income need of prospects coming in from our national lead-generator, The Retirement Income Store.
    Or, if you prefer, you could stay focused on what you do best, and:
  2. Let the Income Specialists at Sound Income Strategies handle your clients’ fixed-income needs—so you can spend your time on the things that generate the most revenue for your practice.

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