The Sky's the Limit Advisor

Potential to Partner with SIS to Sub-Manage, or Exit Strategy

You most likely became a financial advisor because of the high earnings potential, and so far, you’ve done well for yourself. You probably feel that stocks tend to go up in the long run, therefore believe that most of your clients should practice a buy-and-hold strategy.

When meeting with prospects and new clients, you probably do most of the talking. And, since most of your clients’ financial situations are quite similar, you probably have a good idea of what you will recommend ahead of the meeting. 

As far as risk management goes, you believe in managing risk in your clients’ portfolios with a properly allocated mix of mutual funds with various asset classes.

When it comes to researching the investments best suited for your clients, you probably conduct some of your own research on sites like or You might also rely on the research compiled by ratings agencies or other research services. 

Watch out here. Keep in mind what we learned from 2007-2009, when all those AAA-rated mortgage bonds that were about to default had ratings attached to them from these agencies that were far too generous.

Your business model is most likely centered around stock market-based investments, which has worked well for you so far.

When it comes to handling the needs of your clients who are retired or close to retirement age, you might feel that the best plan of attack is to keep a significant portion of their portfolio invested in the stock market, which could provide good gains.

Or, it could cause catastrophic damage to anyone who is recently retired, or close to retirement age. Our study of stock market history leads us to believe there’s a very good chance that a major market correction could be around the corner. If any of your clients who are retired, or close to retirement age, are overexposed to stock market risk, the results could be disastrous.

Your openness to taking on a little extra risk has worked well for you so far, so why not go out on top? Sound Income Strategies is currently looking for advisors who are interested in establishing an exit strategy to sell their practice.

Additionally, we are looking for advisors who understand the importance of protecting their clients’ savings from stock market risk and would prefer to have the Income Specialists at Sound Income Strategies handle the fixed-income component of their clients’ portfolios.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll be able to rest assured that the Income Specialists at Sound Income Strategies will help your clients preserve their hard earned savings and help them achieve safe passage into retirement.

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