Congratulations! You’re a Skilled Tactician.

Protector Advisor

Skilled Tacticians are quite adept at matching their clients with the right product. They do not have a one-size-fits-all mindset. Unlike other advisor styles, they do not scare prospects away with “annuity breath.” As a Skilled Tactician, your main focus with product selection is sensible return on a client’s assets.

Skilled Tacticians take a great deal of pride in their business. They are willing to put in longer hours and make sure they serve customers in every way they can. To allow for sustainability with this advisor style and improve business growth, it becomes important to have trusted vendors, and even coaches that care about your success as much as you do.

Skilled Tacticians often find they can do more and do it better if they have an independent marketing organization (IMO or FMO) which has the depth of product, as well as skills and expertise, to call on so the advisor achieves “advisor rock star” status.

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