Congratulations! You’re a Protector.

Protector Advisor
Protectors are conservative professionally, but they strive to protect their clients’ assets while winning more business. High investment performance is expected, but is far less important than return on investment. As a Protector, you don’t need to continually monitor many of your clients’ accounts because you’re confident they will continue to serve their original purpose well.

Protectors can retain clients and grow their revenue by adding income-producing investments to their offering spectrum. There are two ideal ways to do this. One of the best ways is by partnering with a trusted firm that will allow them to maintain all their relationships. To be true to your conservative approach, you should be sure the affiliated firm has true expertise in bonds, as well as interest and dividend producing investments. The second but more difficult way is for Protectors to attain the necessary licenses and study fixed income markets to become schooled in credit analysis and sound strategies for income.

By offering an added level of service, you’re more likely to avoid your client being poached by a competitor that has offerings you can’t provide.

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