Congratulations! You’re a Cautious Analyst.

Protector Advisor

Cautious Analysts rely heavily on odds when making decisions. Chances are, you like having the odds stacked in your client’s favor, so far that you see only reasons to be confident. Your clients have listened to your thorough explanations for their allocations and they trust you. Cautious Analysts tend to get more referrals than people with other advisor styles. To continue stacking statistics in your favor and grow your business, you’ll need help. Often Cautious Analysts will hire a “math type guy” who truly enjoys crunching numbers and building low standard deviation portfolios with reasonable expected return. Often, there is a clash between the two because of dissimilarities in personality. As another way to get help, Cautious Analysts tend to rely on outsourced products and portfolio analysis. Cookie cutter portfolios don’t suit your clients, but a more holistic view allows for individual product mixes that are all based on the same logic.

By finding well-fitted affiliated parties outside their payroll, a Cautious Analyst can very efficiently grow and serve far more clients without the normal stresses associated with rapid growth.

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